December 1st Friday Art Show

Friday, December 2nd from 5:00pm – 8:00pm

1st Friday Art Show At The Dole –Every month people living in and near McHenry County, and all of the Chicagoland area, will have the opportunity to enjoy an artistic evening with wonderful featured art, the chance to meet and mingle with artists, and possibility purchase an original piece of work. On Friday, December 2nd from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, Lakeside Arts Park in Crystal Lake, is proud to welcome the community to our 1st Friday Art Show at Lakeside Arts Park.

$5 Suggested Donation- Your financial contribution supports the historic preservation of the Dole Mansion and Lakeside Programs.

Guests will experience a special Christmas time 1st Friday Art Show. Magnificently decorated Christmas Trees. The art show includes a Christmas tree lighting, entertainment by ballerinas, McHenry County Youth Orchestra, and Madrigals.

Mingle with artists ~ Art Sales of original works – great holiday gifts!

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disturbanceDole Gallery: Sara Risley | Disturbances in the Field

I am wildly attracted to that which disturbs the norm. I adore the odd angle, the quirky outlook, the extreme emotion. In moments of bliss, I cannot contain my smile or a laugh. In the depths of depression, I cry freely and respect the pain within me. I try to be conscious of all my thoughts and emotions and to be aware of what they offer me. The changes that life brings as we age, both physical and emotional, can truly disturb our normalcy. We have the choice to embrace these changes or ignore them. I choose to allow these disturbances to inform what I create.

I use my camera to capture everyday textures and flaws: rust on a sidewalk, worn parking lot stripes, reflections in puddles. I disturb these mundane images, layering, saturating, manipulating until they become an abstract expression only slightly reminiscent of their original source. By digitally disturbing the pixels, I create that which may disturb the viewer for its lack of easy answers.



Image: Pat King – “A Bridge to Winter”

Sage Gallery: Lake Region Watercolor Guild | Watercolors of Winter

 “Watercolors of Winter is an exhibit of strictly watercolors by the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild. Our purpose is to enhance, enrich and further work in watercolor, and to promote a better understanding of creative art. Members from LRWG are primarily from Lake and McHenry County, Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

With the beginning of the winter season, we wish to leave the viewer with a feeling of the beauty of the winter months and what lies ahead. We hope that the viewer is brought into the world of winter by evoking winter and holiday pleasures with watercolors.

Paintings will depict…

falling snow ~ winter birds feeding~ Christmas ~ snowflakes ~ keeping warm by the fire ~ playing in the snow~ winter holidays ~ snowmen ~ sledding ~ icicles ~ hot chocolate ~ snowy forests ~snowball fights ~ family gatherings

Hopefully, instilling in us all the beauty and fun that can be found in the winter months!


Special thank to:

Crystal Lake Central High School Madrigals   McHenry County Youth Orchestra & Academy Berkshire Ballet Theatre – Summers Academy of Dance