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At Lakeside Arts Park at the Dole, we believe art’s impact goes beyond the eyes and ears to reach the tongue and stomach. Thanks to support from community partners like you, more than 50 children (ages 7-12) experienced food as Culinary Art at Lakeside Arts Park this year!

Our “chefs-in-training” learned practical and artistic skills to help prepare them for a future of healthy eating, appreciation for the Culinary Arts, and shared meals with family and friends. Classes covered a variety of culinary topics including kitchen utensils and food safety, fruit and vegetable tastings, and pastry arts techniques, among others.

So, how did the Culinary Arts “impact lives?” Over half of participants improved in using a culinary tool such as a knife, spatula, or oven. More than 80% of participants expressed interest in taking more Culinary Arts classes, and about two-thirds of participants in healthy eating classes wanted to eat healthier as a result of taking the class.

Because of your support for Lakeside Arts Park, and programs like the Culinary Arts, our children have the opportunity to experience new things, cultivate healthy habits, and learn valuable arts skills that will serve themselves and their families for years to come.



Time travel may seem like something out of a science fiction book, but Lakeside Arts Park at the Dole invited more than 30 senior citizens to “take a step back in time” during our inaugural Day at the Dole day program.

Day at the Dole brought Lakeside Arts Park to life as a place “where art meets history” by offering a multitude of educational, visual, and performing arts experiences in a single afternoon. Guests enjoyed a guided tour of the historic Dole Mansion by Mrs. Dole herself, as well as a presentation on the Civil War era in Illinois by a local historian. Gathering in the Sage Gallery and lunch served in the Dole Gallery allowed ample opportunities for patrons to enjoy the beautiful artwork on display before ending the afternoon in ‘the Listening Room’ for a special performance.

Executive Director, Siobhan Cottone, was surprised to hear how many people say, “I didn’t know this place was here!” and promised guests that after experiencing all Lakeside has to offer at Day of the Dole, “you’ll want to come back!” Day at the Dole truly shared “this gem of a destination” with our community through an educational and memorable afternoon. We look forward to expanding and growing this program in the coming year!


Dear Friend,

Throughout 2016, Lakeside Arts Park at the Dole has focused on one question: How does Art impact lives? We’ve witnessed firsthand how Art improved healthy eating habits, encouraged continued learning and new experiences, taught new skills, and provided opportunities for fun and fellowship. We ask you to consider the question for yourself: How does Art impact your life?

If the Arts have made an impact in your life, please support Lakeside Legacy Foundation and share that impact with others. Your donation will sustain programs and Signature Events for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy, preserve the historic Dole Mansion as a “gem of a destination” in our community, and provide a necessary space for artists and educators to inspire the next generation of creative minds! Together, we have made positive differences in the lives of countless community members…but we need YOUR help to continue this work.

Make a difference in the life of a young artist, a jazz enthusiast, a burgeoning chef, or a history buff! Your tax-deductible donation to Lakeside Legacy Foundation will help ensure that the Arts continue to make positive and long-lasting impacts on our children, our families, our friends, and our community for generations to come. Thank you!



Siobhan Cottone

Executive Director, Lakeside Legacy Foundation

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