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How do THE ARTS impact your life?


Linda Barrett: When asked how art impacts my life, I must admit I had to take pause to consider just how many facets of my life are touched by art. Let me share just one slice of this impact. As an artist who has worked in many visual mediums, but primarily photography, I realized that it was important for me to also support other artists. So, about 18 years ago – after I finished grad school – I decided that I would put aside one small fund dedicated to the purchase of a new piece of art each year. The criteria was that it had to be something that spoke to me; something to remind me of the year. I was pretty broke at the time so my first fund was only $50. But, after 18 years and as many pieces of art collected, it has provided me with an opportunity to surround myself with art in so many forms – from paintings, and pottery, to handmade paper, silkscreens, letterpress, and photography, Each piece allowed me to the opportunity to meet some amazing talent over the years. So, while my main medium myself is photography, art surrounds and impacts me every day, providing reminders of the beauty each artist has to reflect back to us moments in time.

Life would be so dull without art – in all its amazing forms.


Without the generosity from the community, Lakeside Legacy Foundation would not be possible. Support for our continued endeavor is critically important. Donating to Lakeside Legacy and Patrons of the Arts will help us continue to provide a space for high-quality family-centered programming. Your donation not only cultivates the arts but provides a space for great community festivals and events,  performances in ‘the Listening Room’, and provides inspiring gallery exhibits and more.


Lakeside Legacy and Patrons of the Arts Donations Support:

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  • Cultivation of the Arts
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Contributions to Lakeside Legacy and Patrons of the Arts n is a tax-deductible donation. Patrons can also vote at the annual meeting, and patrons receive complimentary entrance admission to the Lakeside Fest.

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