Name a Chair in ‘the Listening Room’


A little over three years ago, Lakeside proudly introduced ‘the Listening Room’ to the community. Since then, we have had hundreds of successful performances and look forward to many more in the future.


A donation of $150 to support the Listening Room commemorative campaign, will allow an elegant brass nameplate with your choice of inscription to be affixed to one of the 85 chairs in ‘the Listening Room.’

Your donation might celebrate your family name or business, or perhaps memorialize a loved one(s), leaving a legacy for future generations.

Your gift will help us continue to bring great artists to the community and stimulate the growth of our program offerings.


Contributions to Lakeside Legacy and Patrons of the Arts is a tax-deductible donation.

Click Here to download the Name a chair in ‘the Listening Room’ to donate by mail or use the form below to donate online.



Name a Chair in 'the Listening Room'

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  • Of course, naming the seat doesn’t mean it is YOUR seat for future peformances, but you’ll always know that YOU were a part of history in the making!

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